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Crafting in another language May 22, 2010

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Right now I’m working out of a japanese craft book.  If you ever feel like being a detective, find a instructional book with pictures in a VERY foreign language and try to figure out the details.   After comparing characters for a few minutes I discovered that it needs me to color with a pastel I think on the felt.  Not certain, but fairly sure.

Then again, the same thing goes for communication.  Each of us speaks our own language, with our own set of nuiances and shades of meaning.   Some languages are easier to understand as they came from the same root language, such as Spanish and Italian, but they are distinct none-the-less.  In any relationship, we must not only pay attention to the words that are spoken, but how they are used and what the other person means by them. 

For example.  My son has told us for years that he has balls in his feet at certain times.  Instinct told me that he was talking about the many small bones in his feet, but said they weren’t always there.  When he was about 5 we finally understood each other.  He only had balls in his feet when it had “fallen asleep.”  Now I know what he means, and he knows what I mean, but it has taken years of on-again off-again discussion to come to this agreement.

Obviously, making the small stuffed creatures from a book in a foreign language is much more simple since it has a picture reference for what it wants you to do.  The only way for us to give the same reference for those around us is to live what we mean and who we are.  Then it will be easier to understand others and for them to understand you.  Of course that also means that we have to be willing to admit confusion, but that is something to mull over another day.

The dog and cat I have made are cute and I plan on using this book quite often.  Now if only I could understand what some of the other characters mean.


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