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Whittling Down Ideas June 27, 2011

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Just going about life.  Trying to get the next school year squared away and craft any spare moments.

So far everything is ordered and I’m putting each weeks work in it’s own folder so that less work will be involved on Sunday nights.  Trying to simulateously think like your son and a teacher is a little challenging.  I know what we need to cover, but deciding how to make it stick for good is another matter.  This year, I’m looking at adding some sort of crafting to our schedule, probably woodwork/whittling. 

Anyone who knows me will have winced at the previous sentence, and rightfully so.  I’m known for being less than graceful, but what is a little blood when giving the gift of expression to a boy?  Knowing him, his first project will probably be a question mark block or something equally geeky cool.    Can’t wait to see!


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